How to Write a Book Report:

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Book reports are a way to show how well you understood a book and to tell what you think about it. 


Things to include in the introduction:

The title (underlined) and author of the book.
Why you chose the book. 
What kind of story is it? (adventure? family? fantasy/make believe? animal? true life? scary? ) 


In this section you want to describe the main parts of a story: theme, plot, setting, and characters. Then you can give your opinions about the book.

The Theme is the main idea of the story. Some examples might be the importance of friendship or how to be courageous in a difficult situation. Tell what you think the theme is and how you know.

The mysterious castle of Puilaurens in France, Aude

The Setting is the time and place of the story. Is it set a long time ago or now. Does it take place in another country or in an imaginary place? How much time passes in the story--a day? a year? a lifetime?

The Plot is what happens. You want to tell what the story is mostly about. What is the main event or conflict? What things lead up to it? What happens as a result? How does the story end? (Sometimes you want to avoid telling the ending, or giving away the secrets of the story.)

The characters of Paul Antonson, NY

The Characters are who the story is about. The main character is called the protagonist. Who are the other important characters? Do they help or hinder the protagonist?


Once you have summarized the book, you can tell what you think about it. You can write about whatever opinions you have. Some questions you might want to answer are:

Did you like the story? Why or why not? 
What was the best part of the book? Why? 
How did the story make you feel? Did you feel different things at different points in the story? 
Would you recommend it to friends? 
Would you read other books by this author? 
What new things did you learn from this book?

example of a book report

My book report (an example)

 Read this book !

I chose to write a report on Roald Dahl’s The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, because I love short stories (such as The landlady, from the same author). In addition I also love the author and the stories that he imagined (for example Charlie and the Chocolate factory, James and the Giant Peach or Matilda). It’s hard to write a report about this book because it’s in fact a collection of seven short stories, so I will briefly summarize each and develop the two that I liked the most.


The first short story, “The Boy who talked with animals”, is a strange story about a boy who loves animals and runs away on the back of a giant turtle.

The second, “The Hitch-hiker”, is a realistic tale about a man who meets a very talented pickpocket.

Next is “The Swan”, a weird story about a young boy who turns into a swan to escape from two very brutal teenagers.

Number four is a true story, and is called “The Mildenhall treasure”. It deals with a farmer who found a real Roman treasure in a field.

The next short story is called “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar”, and it is indeed a wonderful story that I will develop in my second part.

Number six is “Lucky Break”. In this piece, Dahl recalls how he started his career and how he wrote his first work, “A Piece of Cake”. It was very interesting and I am also going to develop it in the second part.

The final short story is “A Piece of Cake”, his first published work, and it is about the time when Dahl was a fighter pilot and his plane crashed.


The theme of “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar” is learning to be generous and using your skills to help the others instead of being selfish. 

It is a story about a man named Henry Sugar. It is set in Great Britain and it follows the life of the main character. In this story, we meet Henry, a wealthy and idle British playboy who likes to gamble. At the beginning, he reads a story about an Indian mystic man who learned to see without his eyes. Henry also learns to do this in order to make millions off casinos (because he can see what cards are dealt) but in the years it takes to learn this skill, he seems to have a change of heart. He decides to use these easily earned millions to bring joy to orphans and fear to casino owners around the world.

This tale is actually a story-within-a-story, so it was complicated but very interesting to read.

I thought the main character was very interesting because we see that he works very hard to get an extraordinary power. And that makes him change, evolve and become a better person.


“Lucky Break” was a surprising read. This isn't really a story. It's mostly just Dahl's advice for becoming a writer and anecdotes about how he fell into the profession. The story follows the itinerary of Dahl, from his horrible schools in England, his military service in East Africa during World War 2 and his beginning as a writer in the USA.

He says that he wasn’t a very good student and his teachers were very cruel. It’s only when a famous writer asked him to write down his plane crash that he realised that he loved writing, and he never stopped for the rest of his life.

I thought the story was really moving and I was especially impressed with the passage about his time at school when the teachers and even other students would cane him. (hit him with a wooden cane)

It made me think about the evolution of education and how thing are different now, and why sometimes you should try something, just to see if you are good at it.


I would totally recommend this book or any other book from the author to my friends. I think the man is a genius. His stories move me. They can make you laugh, cry, be afraid or jump in joy. However, I prefer his suspense or crime short stories.                                                             

                                                                                                                                                           about 700 words

(I know it' long, try to write half that)


  This is Henry Sugar

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