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1-favourite PC video games

2-favourite Gamecube games

3-Video games I need


1-favourite PC video games (in no particular order) :

Baldur's Gate 1 + 2 + add-ons + Icewind Dale 1 + 2 + add-ons

Hours of fun ! Two highly clever and well designed games. Spells, swordfights and customizations : RPG at its best !

I really enjoyed the Dragons in the second episode

Deus ex

A mix between rpg and action.

Several endings, possibilities to choose which part of your body you want to enhance, a rapid and direct approach or a careful, stealthy one : a pioneer in its time

Age of Empires 2 + Conquerors expansion

Classic rts action. Hours and hours cheating at this game

(Robin Hood, give me gold !)

Half life + add-ons

For a long time the best FPS of all times !

I really enjoyed all the mods. It was 10 or 20 games in one !

Go go go !

Diablo 2

 + Lord of Destruction expansion

Days and days levelling : one more item, one more unique !



Slash !

Grand Theft Auto 3 + Vice city + SAN ANDREAS !

Damn, when I first played those games I couldn't believe how good they were.

 All the freedom, the humor, the action : top-notch !


Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 (Outcast) + Jedi Academy

WOW ! The sheer pleasure of wielding a lightsaber ! Priceless

Max Payne

1 + 2

A cool scenario, a comics book feel and plenty of opportunities to look very cool while firing your weapons at everything that moves, thanks to Bullet time

Severance, blade of Darkness

The only game so far to make me feel I was a true Conan-style barbarian

No One Lives Forever 2 


The Greatest FPS ever ! Style, humor, action, stealth. I just love that game. The first was really good too, but without the nice ideas of the second one. The spin off (Contract JACK) was such a disappointement: no spirit, just pure Serious Sam stupid action (and less fun)

Commandos 1+2+3

strategy puzzle game at its best : it is always such a pleasure to clean a map without raising a single alarm !

Soldier of Fortune

Very provocative, bloody and violent, but also fast and fun ! Who doesn't love to dismember a bad guy ! (2 was so bad)

Medal of Honor

Probably my second favourite FPS of all time : (movie) WW2 as if you were there! Call of Duty was a pleasure to play too

PC Games that almost made it : 

Nox, Starcraft, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Tron 2.0, Freedom Force, Neverwinter Nights, Quake 3, Serious Sam, Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds

PC Games I want to play : 

see here

Favourites Gamecube Games : 

Burnout 2 Great racing game : speed through city traffic. One of the greatest pleasures of this game is the CRASHES !
Zelda : the Wind Waker  Definitely a classic. Nintendo fine art !
X-Men Legends 1+2 The first game in my opinion to be truly faithful to the comic books
Hulk : Ultimate Destruction A cool toy for a naughty child : destroy everything in sight and wait for the army to try to take you in. Fight. Crush the puny humans !
Ultimate Spider-Man A GTA-like with our friendly neighborhood Spider-man !

Graphics are just average, but the action and gameplay are excellent !

Beyond Good and Evil A wonderfully imaginative game, some action, some racing, a few puzzles, lots of humor, all in a beautiful, rich and detailled world 
Timesplitters 2+3 Really hard to play a FPS on a console, except when it's well made. Timesplitters here is one of the finest examples, and funny to boot (the monkeys ! the DAMN monkeys !)
Soul Calibur 2 Quick, beautiful, instinctive handling : one of the best fight games
Worms 3D Great fun in multiplayer. Probably inferior to the classic 2D series but still excellent in a sadistic way !
Gun For anyone who loves Westerns, this is THE game. Numerous references to classic  movies, Clint Eastwood moments, and all the mythos.

Too short though

Resident Evil 4 For once it was OK to believe the hype ! Excellent, scary, beautiful,  action-packed game !
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