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Margerin  Lucien T. 4, 5, 7
Maester  Sœur MT des Batignolles  T. 1, 2
Gotlib  Rubrique à Brac T. 2, 3, 4
Cinémastock T. 2
Tronchet  Stars d’un jour  
JC Tergal T. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8
La bite à urbain  
Sacré Jesus ! / Jesus revient !  
Chris Ware  Jimmy Corrigan  
Zep  l'enfer des concerts  
Arleston / Tarquin  Lanfeuste de Troy T. 7
Lanfeust des étoiles T. 3, 4,5
Arleston / Maurier Trolls de Troy T 7, 8
Crisse  Atalante T. 2
Ayroles / Masbou De Cape et de crocs T. 3, 4, 5, 6
Trondheim   Mister O  
Allez raconte T 1, 2
Sfar  Donjon bonus  
Donjon Zénith T 1,2,3,4,5
Donjon Crépuscule T 103,104
Donjon Potron-minet T 99,98,97,84
Donjon Parade T 1,2,3,4

Donjon monsters

T 5,6,7,8,9,10

 Beginning of a story (maybe one day...)

The wall of sleep


Between the waking world and world of sleep lay a wall. It was not a usual wall, though. It had many shapes. As long as the world itself, it was large in places and extremely thin in others. As a matter of facts, it was sometimes barely a simple fence. Some parts looked like middle-age fortified outposts, while some others seemed to consist only of a few lengths of barbed wire.

Every type of wall was to be found : modern or futuristic types with security cameras and electronic gadgets of all sorts, brick walls that seemed to be unfinished or in the process of being built (complete with workers), stone walls that appeared to have been made by the rocks themselves, rows of gigantic and ancient trees or walls decorated with statues of every culture that had existed. Some places, of course, kept changing and morphing into new arrangements.


All this happy diversity did not in any way make it ugly or hard to look at. On the contrary, it was like an Expressionnist painting, where all the different touches of colour constitute a harmonious whole.


There were many many gates all along the wall (all the gates you could imagine). People were coming and going through these all the time. Those people were going to and coming from the land of dreams.


The land of dreams is undescriptible since it adapts to the comers’imagination. As a consequence, it was different for each and every being that went through these doors.


However, all was not left unsupervised. Someone had to make sure that everything went smoothly, that not too many people had nightmare and that the border between waking and sleeping was strong.


There were a thousand and one beings in charge of the place. The person in charge was called HIP nuhs and Pasithea, but everybody called them Hip and Pasi. He was the son of Night and she was brightness.


Some Ideas for a song...


15 minutes of Shame / Everybody's Elvis !

I want you to love me

Nobody knows me but I need you to look at me, love me

See me in a cage

See me in a box

I let you spit on me

You love that

You love me

Your eyes, my ass

Real world falling apart

No education

Fuck education

autistic communication

They become richer

I don't care

They give you what you want

You give me what I want

Love me

Forget me

I have it on video anyway

I am on TV

I am going to be a star

Sweet cocoon


A few drawings maybe...

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