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Adding information

Summerizing / summing up

expressing an alternative

expressing  cause

expressing consequence


organizing a series of elements

Expressing simultaneousness

giving examples




Reporting opinions

Sidetracking (digression)


Expressing aim / purpose / goal

Expressing repetition or habit


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adv = adverbe

Prep = preposition

Loc = locution

Conj = conjonction

prop = proposition

GN = groupe nominal


Expressions en vert : formules "classes", qui rapportent des points en Expression crite, qui font trs "authentique"


Adv : to begin with, to start with, as an introduction, first and foremost

Prep : to begin with ..., to start with ...

Loc : Well, let me begin at the beginning


(alors euh !)

Adv : well ..., hmmm... , I mean , I say , you see , you know ...

loc : Give me a moment (to gather my thoughts)

Adding information

Adv : besides, moreover, furthermore, what is more, ... too.

Prep : in addition to... , not to mention ... , not only ... but also ...

on the one hand..., and on the other hand...

Summerizing / Summing up

(to resume = reprendre, repartir, recommencer)

Loc : in a word, in short, to put it in a nutshell, on balance, to sum up

Expressing an alternative

Adv : not only but also , 

for one thing, , for another , 

either or .. , 

neither nor (negative alternative)

Loc : I wonder / I don't know whether or

Expressing cause

Prep : because of, due to , given , owing to

Conj : because, since, as

Loc : This is due to (the fact that) ...

Expressing consequence

Adv : so, therefore, thus, consequently, hence

Conj : so that ...

Loc : as a consequence, as a result,

that is why ..., that's why ..., this is the reason why

No wonder (then) that ...


Adv : but, yet, though, still, nevertheless, nonetheless, actually, conversely

Conj : although, though, whereas

Prep : unlike ..., instead of ... , despite ... , in spite of ..., for all

Loc : on the contrary, on the other hand, by contrast, in fact

The fact is (that) ...

Organizing a series of elements

Adv : first(ly) ... second(ly) ... third(ly)

Loc : The writer starts with ... , then goes on with ..., to end with ...

At the beginning ..., then ...., at the end ...

Expressing simultaneousness

Adv : meanwhile, in the mean time

Conj : while (+ prop)

Prep : during (+GN)

Giving examples

Adv : for example, for instance

Prep : such as ... , like ...


Loc : generally speaking, 

by and large, 

all told, 

all things considered


Adv : roughly speaking, 




Adv : admittedly, obviously, still

Prep : in spite of ..., despite ... , for all ...

I agree on that point, but...

Reporting opinions

Personal : to my mind, in my opinion, as far as I'm concerned, as I see it, personally

I think, I guess (US), I believe

NB : according to me

Someone else's : according to the writer, as for the journalist, as the writer puts it, ...

The author considers that ...

Sidetracking (digression)

adv : anyway

Loc : as a matter of fact, by the way, by the by

That reminds me of / that...


Loc : in other words, that is, that is to say

What I mean is that ...

Expressing aim / purpose / goal

Loc : (not) to + INF, 

in order (not) to + INF, 

so as (not) to + INF

Expressing repetition or habit

Adv : again, 

as usual


Adv : finally

Prep : to finish with ... , to sum up ...

Loc : as a conclusion, by way of conclusion, to conclude, in conclusion,

to sum up, to finish, at last, last but not least, in short, in the end, to put it in a nutshell, in a word

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