Build up your Confidence !

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1-If you don't succeed, 

you’ll do better next time 

I DID it !

2-I can do that 

I am positive

I know what I already achieved 

you deserve it
3-Sometimes we shout at you (you're NOT perfect)

but it doesn't mean that we hate you !

we really do
4-Can I speak to you in private ?

Express yourself in private, not in front of the group

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
5-Well done !

We'll tell you when you've done something well

thumbs UP
 6-I had doubts too when I was your age !

You know your teachers were teenagers a long time ago, right ?

a nagging doubt
7-You can disagree

You are allowed to your own opinions

(if they are intelligent and justified)

I don't agree with you
8-Nobody's perfect

I already said that

Oh well, nobody's...D'oH !

d'oh !

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